Monday, August 6, 2007

What i learned

Now that the program is over i am looking forward to use my GIS skills in school and try to teach other people how it works. And everyday people come to me and ask what has the program done from me i say it has tought me a lot about my community that i didn't know. The Peabody-Vance area is a really big historic district and i am glad that i live in this area. Well i will keep you updated on what's going on around here.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Peabody Assets Map

This is the Asset Map. This map shows the things that we think that make our community look good. Everything that's purple are the assets in our community. The places or properties attract people and make the community look better. This map is important because it shows the things that make our community a better place. For more information visit:

Presenting Our Vance-Pontotoc Historic District: Then & Now Map

We created this map to show all the properties that were in the Vance-Pontotoc Historic District and what the current status of the house is. This area is considered to be an historic district because the houses and the neighborhood was so beautiful so we went to look at all the the houses and give the current status. This map is important because it shows that most of the houses has been torn down and rebuilt. This map gives us the reason to believe that this area was once a very pretty neighborhood and which it is still a nice-looking neighborhood. For more info,

Peabody Vance National Register Historic Poperties

This is a Peabody Vance National Register Historic Properties Map. This The red dots represent the nationally registered properties in this area. For information visit

Presenting Our Assets Map

We created an Assets Map to show all the things in our community that we think are a positive influence in the community. So we came up with things that has history to it and that really represents our community well. This map is important because it helps other people who don't live in our neighborhood identify what we thought are attractions in the community. These places that are labeled on the map are things like gyms, movies, and churches etc. These places keeps people out of trouble and help people live a positive life. Enjoy!!!!!! For more info,

Presenting Our National Register Map

We created this National Register map to show all the national register properties in and around our community.This map is important beacuse it shows not only us but the community as well that we do have good things in our community. The red dots show where the houses or properties are located and we found all of this information off off Memphis heritage studies. To find out more info,

Vance Pontotoc District Map

This is a Vance Pontotoc Historic district then and now all the blue and brown colors represent the properties that are still there that are existing in good or poor condition. The gray color represent the properties that are no longer there. This map is important because it shows the historic properties that were in the neighborhood. We went out and did a survey on the properties that where and where not still there and thats what this map shows.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 9, 2007- July 13, 2007 "Wrapping Up Our Training and Getting Down to Business"

"Wrapping Up Our Training Sessions and Getting Down to


On the week of July 9, 2007- July 13, 2007 we started wrapping up all the training we have been doing for the past couple weeks and now we have to get down to business. We really have to start focusing on our goals we made at the start of our job. If you don't know what our goals are, they are the following:

  • Create a walking map so we can show the community about the history of their community.
  • Create a virtual map so we can show people who do not live in our area what we have been working hard at for the past eight weeks.

Now we are getting serious, all jokes aside, and we have to work everyday of the last couple weeks we are here, because when we set our mind to something we have to complete that particular task that we are trying to accomplish. Keep you Updated!!!!!!!!


July 2, 2007- July 6, 2007 Training on Arc Map & Arc Catalog

Training on Arc Map & Arc Catalog
On the week of July 2, 2007- July 6, 2007 we didn't go outside, we started learning a new program called Arc Map and Arc Catalog GIS. On this particular program we learn how to create our very own map. We learn to put the data that we have been collecting for the past four weeks on a map. Arc Map is a very easy program to adapt to when you learn the tricks and trades of the program. This is a list of things we have done this week:

  • We learn how to create layers in put them in order so the map can look right.

  • We learn how to produce data in Microsoft Excel and transfer it to GIS to make an attribute table.

  • Also, we learn how to convert files into layers.

What is GIS?

GIS is a collection of computer hardware, software, and geographic data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. With a geographic information system (GIS), you can link information (attributes) to location data, such as people to addresses, buildings to parcels, or streets within a network. You can then layer that information to give you a better understanding of how it all works together. You choose what layers to combine based on what questions you need to answer

July 25, 2007- July 29, 2007 Behavior Mapping

Behavior Mapping
During the week of July 25, 2007 through July 29, 2007 we learned about Behavior Mapping. Behavior mapping is direct observation by making a map and go out and observe what different things go on in the community. You can record different things such as: temperature, what the people are doing, and different things going in the community at that time. We also learned the following:
  • Physical Features in a neighborhood can affect people behaviors.
  • When people sit up under trees, they feel protected.
  • Peole tend to sit where there are places to sit.

When you are creating a place where people can come and do what they do for fun( something kinda like a park or an open space) here are some things to have in mind...

  • How far it is from the street?
  • How much sun the area get?
  • Food
  • Water
  • Are their trees around?
  • Sittable space
  • trangulation

Remember the most important thing about a space is its relationship with the STREET. Trees should be planted in groves quite close together. KEEP YOU UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

July 2,2007-July 6,2007 Learning How to Create Maps

This week we learned how to create maps. We learned how to put the things we been doing here on the maps. We put all the historic properties from the Vance-Pontotoc area on the map. We really like learning these different things and we put a whole lot of hardwork into this program. Can't wait to see the final touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

What up? How have you all been doing? It's Kendell and I'm back to tell you all about the new things I have been learning and so far I have learned a couple things about the history of downtown and how it looked before the big changes in the Memphis area.

Beale street now and then

Firday we walked around beale street and walkedaround to see how different it was back then....And how it look now. When you take the time to see how it looked you will see alot has changed chance then and alot has not, but the buildings that real old they have redid. But now if you look at it, it do look better.

walking MAP

Once last we Walk almost all over town.Because we still studying about the what happed befor us.We love what we do.

Behavior Mapping

This past week we did behavior mapping. Behavior mapping is when you study the different types of activities in an area or community. We did this for one hour in the L.E. Brown Park from different areas.

Memphis Heritage June 29,2007

Memphis Heritage is a place you can find out about a neighborhoods history.
You can log on to

We would like to thank June West, an executive director with Menphis Heritage, for bringing us alot of things we would need to find out about the history of the Pebody-Vance Area. We learned alot about downtown Memphis, like the structures of the buildings and streets. Also, she had pictures from when this area first came up. To sum up, we really enjoyed Mrs.West knowledge on what this area is about. Thanks!

Last weeks adventures

Last week we did behavioral mapping , and we walked around in a square. We split up into 4 groups and went in cleaborne homes and some people started in front of the pool, some started at the basketball court, and some started at the park and the other people started at the football field. We had to stand there for 15 minutes and observed what we saw. After 15 minutes was up we switched places . Ms. West came over to talk to us from memphis heritage.She showed us some of the then and now pictures of how downtown use to look and how it looks now. We walked the sanitation strike.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 26,2007 Touring Stax Music Museum

We would like to thank Kerry Hayes, a development manager at the museum, for showing us around and helping us get to know the history of talented artists throughout our neighborhood. We really enjoyed our time, while looking around, we saw a movie, we heard alot of songs, and also we took all the things we saw to heart. We really did learn quite a bit from the museum. To sum up, we had a wonderful time!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007


This week we took lots of photos. We did framing which is holding up a frame and capturing different activities in our community. This is the L. E. Brown Swimming pool which is located in the Cleaborn Homes. Lots of people go to this community swimming pool.

The Heart Of South Memphis

Today I am showing you a house that have been up for many years and the picture frame is just showing me and the house so that u can see what i am trying to show you. These are the things that we got to worry bout in our community and the vacant houses need something done to them because that is not anything that we want people to see when you come to our community. Thank you.

June 22,2007 Different Types Of Houses

Today we research different type of houses and when they were made. After we finish researching the houses, we put some of those houses into a power point. Then, we went around the neighborhood taking pictures of different houses that have been standing for a long time. We saw alot of shotgun houses and it was very hot. We even went to an historic street in our neighborhood name St.Paul. The reasons they are so historic is because the famous, oscar winning movie, Hustle in flow were shot at the houses on those streets. To sum up, today we learned about different styles of house. Get back to you on Monday!!!!!!!

Plush Club

Hay, it's Kendell. How have you all been doing? I am here to tell you all about the plush club it is a nice place to be and you could learn more about it. I am all way there and you can learn more about the plush by coming to Memphis Tenn .

work of art

The art is telling us that we can do something for the hood.We had bad times before we where alive. It looks like we was locked up.The frames is for what do you and I see in the eyes of us what do u see in the frames?


Today we walked around and look at house's that were built along time ago and they are still there til this day. Some of the house's we saw were very old and still looked good to live in. The only thing it needs is a little paint job.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21,2007 Reviewing Our Neighborhood

Foote Homes Park
This a very big asset to our community, this keep kids out of trouble.

Today at work we went over different assets in our community from a positive and bad aspect. We reviewed all of the things our community need and have. As we went over the things we have that were positive in the community, I found out our neighborhood is a good area. Well, that's all I have to write about out today. Keep you updated!!!!!!

Our Community

Yesterday we want out to our community to take pictures of the good things in our community. We also took pictures of some things we think need to be changed in the community such as better stores, clean community,and better place to live. We also saw little kids outside playing around and that's some good things we like to see.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Hello how have u all been doing, it's yo boy Lil Kendell and I was coming here to tell you all about our new pictures we took . We took pictures of downtown and other place so when you look again you all can see the pictures we took .While we where out the people asked questions you can ask in a comm. I will be back soon so don't forget me and my team. THANKS FOR LOOKING AND READING.

Walking Alone

Today, we went out on our own and adeventured around and took some picture of the things we think make our community the way it is.

June 20,2007 Presenting the Peabody Vance

Today we were split into different groups. We were told to go out and find different things in our community that represents us well. So we went in our community, we took pictures of all type of things such as people doing work, kids playing, and people just having a good time. I felt good taking pictures of people trying to make our community look better. We even met a generous, construction worker who helped us with the pose they took and he even bought us sodas. Even though, it was scorching hot I still was enjoying my time talking to different adults in the community. Representing not only myself or the group but representing the Summer Youth Program(SYEP)!!!!

June 19,2007 Historical Sites of Downtown Memphis

Today, after our lunch break we walked towards the downtown area. When we first started walking, the first thing we saw was abandoned and boarded up houses. The first things we started noticing was how old the buildings were, so the first that came to mind was when was the building built. As we came to a street called mulberry, we noticed a man walking down the street. Coincidently, he was a protestor from that march at the Lorraine Motel. He talked to us about him
spending the last 17 days of Martin Luther King's life with him. I was very interested in what he was telling us. After that, we started seeing even more buildings and i started getting even more interested. So I decided when I come to work tomorrow I want to research more information on the diffent building in sited in our neighborhood. AS EACH DAY PASSES IM GETTING MORE INTERSTED IN THE PEABODY VANCE AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Great Event

Today I learned that my neighborhood is a great environment because we could find things that needed to be to worked on to make a better image for the community.

Land use

Today we went out and took some pictures of the different type of land use. It was good exercise and a good experience until it started sprinkling. Overall, I had fun.


What up world how have you all Ben doing it yo boy Lil Kendell and to day I am here to tell you all about what we learned today. We walked around the neighborhood and found out about the things we did not know and wanted to know and learn about the people who stay around us.

June 18,2007 Our Scavenger Hunt

Commercial Land Use
Hampton Inn & Suites(downtown Memphis)

Today at work we went on a scavenger hunt finding different land uses in our neighborhood. We had to find 9 different land uses. I had a great time time taking pictures of things I never seen in the neighborhood. I had a really great time. I even wanted to keep finding new thingas in the community. I definitely would like to do something like this again.

Scavenger Hunt

Today we did a scavenger hunt of different land uses. We found examples of industrial sites, institutional, commercial local and commercial restaurant land uses. We also found examples of multi family residential, single family residential and community facilities. I think that we learn more while we are finding things on our own and being outside instead of being in the classroom.

Making Connections

We had a nice conversation with a neighborhood resident today while we were out taking land use photos. She give us some information about the history of the neighborhood.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The City Of Memphis

Today I learned that we can make big changes in the community that we live in by helping each other out by not letting our community look the way that it looks in the city of Memphis because if we go out east there community is not going look like ours.

June 15th

Today I visited the Soulsville music area and the Elmwood Cemetary.

Stax Museum

Today we toured the Stax Museum area. It was a fun experience.It was an exciting but hot day today. I hope there are more days to come like this. I think this will turn out to be an fun, exciting program at the end. I think i will learn a lot out of this program when I am finish. I had no idea that there where so many that recorded in that museum. There was a historic house across the street from the Stax museum called "The Memphis Slim house". I really never understood mapping but now I have begun to understand and its been an great experience so far an the program has just began.We walked around saw and talked about the different types of houses.

Soulsville U.S.A

Today we toured Soulsville U.S.A and I learned alot about it that i did not know. If anybody ask me what is this best place to tour i would say Soulsville. So if you are out and about go and see how far Soulsville have came from back in the day until now and you will learn alot of new things that you didn't know was there.


We are the peabody soul.We are trying to make the hood look good as us. Come to this webpage and see how the South look before and after.We are doing some wrok on saveing the city.


What this program is about is me and my team working as one.The way things have been going, it seems fun so I chose to see things better . So as this goes on, I will choose to tell you more . Today we lerned about Soulsville USA and some more famous land and people.

June15,2007 Observing and Understanding

Today we toured the Soulsville U.S.A. area. I had no idea that there were so many talented music artists created in that neighborhood. We walked through The area were Stax was at and College Park. Also, there are so many historical sites that I wouldn't never came cross hadn't we walked through there. We even passed Memphis Slim,a talented artist from that area, house which would be torn down for renovation soon. There also were many houses that were rebuild and in my opinion they look very nice. While at work on wednesday, we learned words called jargins. We came up on a house that was very smaller than the other houses which is called an In-fill. When we first walked through college park the first thing i saw was a building with a bank,community center, and also foundation which is called Mayor Herenton Renaissance Center also known as mix-used. To end our tour, we rode through a very historic place which Elmwood Cemetery. While riding through cemetery, we saw alot of Street names that we ride through everyday and we found the street names where actually people. I enjoyed my time, observing and learning things I didn't know about.