Monday, July 2, 2007

Last weeks adventures

Last week we did behavioral mapping , and we walked around in a square. We split up into 4 groups and went in cleaborne homes and some people started in front of the pool, some started at the basketball court, and some started at the park and the other people started at the football field. We had to stand there for 15 minutes and observed what we saw. After 15 minutes was up we switched places . Ms. West came over to talk to us from memphis heritage.She showed us some of the then and now pictures of how downtown use to look and how it looks now. We walked the sanitation strike.

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julia said...

Ciara, after reading your report, I thought about the park near my apartment. I was surprised to realize that people of all ages use it for many different purposes and it's often the site for community events. I really appreciate having that park now.

I'm curious to know what you observed in each of the four areas.