Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 26,2007 Touring Stax Music Museum

We would like to thank Kerry Hayes, a development manager at the museum, for showing us around and helping us get to know the history of talented artists throughout our neighborhood. We really enjoyed our time, while looking around, we saw a movie, we heard alot of songs, and also we took all the things we saw to heart. We really did learn quite a bit from the museum. To sum up, we had a wonderful time!!!!


tpatch said...

I'm glad that you guys got a chance to learn about the rich music history of your neighborhood. You should all take pride in being from a neighborhood that is internationally known for its contributions to gospel, soul,R&B, Blues and Rock and Roll. I'm anxious to hear what you will be learning next.

The Youth Neighborhood Mapping Initiative said...

When we first started out in the program, we really didn't know that much about the community we lived in. But now we learning so many things and we are enjoying all the info that we see and hear everyday.