Friday, June 15, 2007

June15,2007 Observing and Understanding

Today we toured the Soulsville U.S.A. area. I had no idea that there were so many talented music artists created in that neighborhood. We walked through The area were Stax was at and College Park. Also, there are so many historical sites that I wouldn't never came cross hadn't we walked through there. We even passed Memphis Slim,a talented artist from that area, house which would be torn down for renovation soon. There also were many houses that were rebuild and in my opinion they look very nice. While at work on wednesday, we learned words called jargins. We came up on a house that was very smaller than the other houses which is called an In-fill. When we first walked through college park the first thing i saw was a building with a bank,community center, and also foundation which is called Mayor Herenton Renaissance Center also known as mix-used. To end our tour, we rode through a very historic place which Elmwood Cemetery. While riding through cemetery, we saw alot of Street names that we ride through everyday and we found the street names where actually people. I enjoyed my time, observing and learning things I didn't know about.

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Jane said...


My name is Jane. I live in England.

Over here we often get a reputation for being rich in history and culture because of our old buildings (and also our royal bloody family). But actually I think it's what you're doing -getting out into the community and seeing things, meeting people and finding out about what makes your neighbours tick that can give more of an overview of the life you are living.

It's really interesting to read. Thank you.