Monday, June 18, 2007

June 18,2007 Our Scavenger Hunt

Commercial Land Use
Hampton Inn & Suites(downtown Memphis)

Today at work we went on a scavenger hunt finding different land uses in our neighborhood. We had to find 9 different land uses. I had a great time time taking pictures of things I never seen in the neighborhood. I had a really great time. I even wanted to keep finding new thingas in the community. I definitely would like to do something like this again.


julia said...

Now when you walk by a building or some land, do you think about its land use? I have lived in my neighbourhood for many years and I'm still discovering places I have never seen before. I look forward to reading more of your reports, Previa.

Chris said...

Will you keep us updated when you find new things in the community?

Previa said...

Yes I will keep you updated on all of the things our group do.

Previa said...

I agree with you on that too, Julia. Every since I have been working, I'm beginning to find out more and more things each day.