Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 25, 2007- July 29, 2007 Behavior Mapping

Behavior Mapping
During the week of July 25, 2007 through July 29, 2007 we learned about Behavior Mapping. Behavior mapping is direct observation by making a map and go out and observe what different things go on in the community. You can record different things such as: temperature, what the people are doing, and different things going in the community at that time. We also learned the following:
  • Physical Features in a neighborhood can affect people behaviors.
  • When people sit up under trees, they feel protected.
  • Peole tend to sit where there are places to sit.

When you are creating a place where people can come and do what they do for fun( something kinda like a park or an open space) here are some things to have in mind...

  • How far it is from the street?
  • How much sun the area get?
  • Food
  • Water
  • Are their trees around?
  • Sittable space
  • trangulation

Remember the most important thing about a space is its relationship with the STREET. Trees should be planted in groves quite close together. KEEP YOU UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris said...

You guys seem to be getting this City Planning thing down quite well. Reading your blog is helping me to change the way I look at public spaces.

The Youth Neighborhood Mapping Initiative said...

After this experience, I'm definitely thinking about taking a career in the city planning field when I get older.